Giulio Artico - Founder of Averau® brand


March 2020 - Italy

“When the first cases of Covid-19 were registered in Italy, I began to attend online classes. As the boredom and the discomfort grew, given the difficult times we were all facing, I decided to react by actualising a dream that had been in my mind for a while: the creation of my very own line of glasses.

Finding an original shape was the first obstacle, two months passed before being convinced of the result. Finally, thanks to mathematics and golden proportions, the design of the frame satisfied me.

Then the search for the manufacturer began and after weeks of unsuccessful phone calls I found a craftsman from Cadore who makes eyewear completely by hand. He lives in a town situated a few kilometres away from a mountain called Averau, hence the name of the brand.

After more than a year of planning, work and research, Averau® sunglasses make their debut in April 2021.

The satisfaction of holding the product that I have designed and for which I have spent most of my time in my hands is priceless. "

Giulio Artico